Putting my Money where my Mouth is…

money-where-your-mouth-isI was asked by my director, Cary Burns, to do a little talking in between numbers at a chorus performance yesterday. It just so happens his suggestion for my bit had to do with the word “Lexophile.” Being the smart aleck I am, may have mentioned my currently defunct blog “Leslie’s Lexicology.” Wouldn’t you know that someone approached him afterward and wanted the address to my blog. As I pondered this situation last night, I found that I could live with two possible scenarios: 1) I admit the blog is defunct, provide the address for proof, and be on my merry way, or 2) I could figure out the login & password, see just how long it’s been since I posted, and begin to post again. If you are reading this then you see that I have temporarily chosen option #2. Thank You to Cary and to this presently anonymous requester for making me realize I do miss writing, but more importantly, that there are a few wonderful souls that might want to hear what I have to say. So, to you my new friend, I’ll email this link to Cary to pass on to you and ask that you support me on my emotional journey; I’ll write for you and for myself. My promises to you include: posting a minimum of once a week, sharing things with you that make me laugh and hopefully make you laugh as well, and teaching you some new words along the way. Can you promise me you’ll read it in return? Do we have a deal? I’m all in if you are…


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