Dystopia Challenge

I know I’m late in joining, but I’m going to go for it anyway. Dystopian literature is some of my favorite! Here’s what I put on my list, but I’d love more suggestions.

1. The Handmaid’s Tale
2. Delirium
3. Pretties
4. Specials
5. Extras
6. The Road
7. Little Brother
8. Lockdown: Escape from the Furnace 1
9. Solitary: Escape from the Furnace 2
10. Death Sentence: Escape from the Furnace 3
11. Outside In
12. Inside Out
13. The Maze Runner
14. Incarceron
15. Sapphique
16. Across the Universe
17. Candor
18. Birth marked
19. Human .4
20. Matched
21. The Scorch Trials
22. Ship Breaker
23. The Water Wars
24. Wither
25. The Forest of Hand and Teeth
26. The Dead-Tossed Waves
27. The Dark and Hollow Places
28. Divergent
29. The Giver
30. Gone


3 thoughts on “Dystopia Challenge

  1. XVI by Julia Karr just came out as well.
    I have a list of about 200, how many are you going to read? Are you looking for new or classics?

    P.S. How are you feeling?

    1. I’m shooting for 30 for now, but I’ll obviously take any suggestions you have. I have a hard time separating this from from urban fantasy, which is also a genre I can’t get enough of. Check your stacks and let me know if you have any on my list. I only have about 10 in my possession. I’ll have to add XVI to the list.

      and P.S. – the flu sucks.

      1. Most on your list are ones I haven’t bought yet, but these are the ones I have. Feel better!!

        1. The Handmaid’s Tale (hardcover)
        3. Pretties (paperback)(ebook)
        4. Specials (ebook)
        5. Extras (ebook)
        6. The Road (paperback)(ebook)
        11. Outside In (on NetGalley)
        12. Inside Out (ebook)
        23. The Water Wars (ebook)
        29. The Giver (paperback)(ebook)
        30. Gone (Is this the Michael Grant? If so I have paperback)

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