So much to do & so little time…

Starting a New Year is not very simple for me. I’ve spent the last 2 weeks, really the last few months, reflecting pretty seriously on what my life is and supposed to mean.  There are so many things that I would like to accomplish but rarely do I find the internal motivation to actually do them.  As someone who has realized that external motivation, i.e., deadlines, numbers, visual and tangible progress – is what gets my motor running I need to devise a strategy that will help me get motivated to “Go Forth.”

For my own sake, I’m going to put in writing a few of the things that I hope I can make happen in 2011.

1. Find a new job.

2. Write more. My goal is Nano this year – for sure!

3. Get in shape. (duh!)

4. Participate in Ignite – Phoenix.

Things I’m looking forward to for 2011:

1.  My trip to Europe in June.

2. Working on Book Reviews with my good friend and mentor!

3.  Finding a new way to expand my mind.


One thought on “So much to do & so little time…

  1. My internet is down so I’m sending this from my phone. 🙂 A) awesome picture…I don’t know where you find these things. B) Here’s to an amazing 2011 and all your goals and more happening for you. C) what is Ignite??? 4) Love you girl… You inspire me constantly!

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